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Silt Protector

Silt Protector

Leakage of silt from marine and sewage constructions has a serious influence on marine resources and natural environment of surrounding regions. Silt protector is used to preserve natural environment and protect marine resources. By blocking a specific water zone with a special membrane composed of high strength synthetic fiber, soil particles that occur in the area are filtered and precipitated to prevent leakage and spread of silt water.


Light weight allows easy assembly, installation and disassembly with convenience in handling.
Diverse products can be supplied with approrpiate configuration of canvas strength and floating byuoyant force according to marine and weather conditions.
High adaptability to waves and easy replacement or repair of parts


Prevention of erosion or fine-grained soil that occur during reclamation
Prevention of sea water silt by construcfion of navigation path and riverbed maintenance
Prevention of silt in nearby sea area during lakeshore, breakwater and port constructions
Prevention of damages to fish farm, clean zones and beaches nearby construction sites

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