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Geo Grid

Geo Grid

Geo grid is a civil synthetic material with a grid size of about 10 -pores between the ribs manufactured in warp and weft directions. It is used as reinforcement in the direction of the load. By having high strength in the direction of inclination, geo grid is used for reinforcement of basic ground on roads and pavement, reinforcement of banking and slanted surface, and reinforced retaining wall.

Characteristics and Effects

Economically feasible and easy consturction with shortened construction time with the use of geo grid reinforcing material
Excellent structural safety against ground support and deformation with the use of high strength and low elongation yarn
Small changes due to chemical and biological stability


Reinforcement of evetments, bridges and evetment structures and construction of stone basket on bridges
Reinforcement of banking, surface, earth dam and destoryed surface
Reinforcement of roads, railroads, asphalt and basic ballast
Reinforcement of structures, cement and concrete
Reinfoecement of waste landfills, extraction water collecting facilities and garbage landfills
Reinforcement of back surface in large-scale coastal landfills

WB type

Product Process Materials Aperture
Mechanical Properties
Ultimate Strength(t/m) Elongation at Break(%)
4T/4T Woven PET, PVC 18 18 4.3 4.3 15 15
6T/6T Woven PET, PVC 18 18 6.2 6.2 15 15
8T/8T Woven PET, PVC 20 20 8.2 8.2 15 15
10T/10T Woven PET, PVC 20 20 10.3 10.3 15 15